About Us

Business Advisors, Technology Enabled

an Advice Driven Business Lending Marketplace

Clarifi is an Advice Driven Business Lending Marketplace that was founded in 2021 by former banking executives who understand the needs of small businesses, the limitations of traditional banks, and the technology available to vastly improve client experiences. The agency combines lending expertise with the latest technology to help private companies throughout the United States obtain their small business loans.

We know how difficult it is to get funding as a small business, which is why our firm was established to serve the unique financial needs of these organizations. We understand how frustrating it can be to undergo complex processes for financing or have your funding request application rejected outright.

Our approach in Clarifi is based on our many years of experience knowing that obtaining access to working capital is vital in helping companies stand out within a competitive marketplace. That's why we are committed to providing our partners with the right funding solutions so that they can grow and expand their organizations. We'd be happy to provide you with access to the working capital that you need to fund your next business venture.

With our goal to provide lending options to underserved small businesses, we have the flexibility to work with you so you can get the line of credit you seek. We offer business owners a range of funding options such as equipment financing and working capital that make us an ideal bank alternative.

At Clarifi, we understand that the capital stack of a company has to be diverse so it can fund all aspects of business growth appropriately. Our business capital consultants are trained, and experienced in providing methods and advice that will help companies find the right balance.

Our leadership team has more than 40 years of combined experience in the field of traditional and alternative lending. The knowledge and expertise we provide will ensure that we deliver on our promise of providing solutions that help grow your business.


Our Mission

Some of the things that drive us:

  • 1

    Fast Access

    To provide fast access to capital where banks and traditional lenders are unable to serve small business owners.

  • 2


    Take an advisory approach to accessing capital. We don't want to "sell" our clients anything but instead help our clients reach their business goals by finding the right solutions.

  • 3


    Treat all clients with respect, providing the time and attention they need to make significant financial decisions. We want to be a valuable partner for our clients.

  • 4

    Honesty & Trust

    Bring trust, honesty and professionalism to the vast universe of financing options available to small businesses.

Clarifi Company Leadership

Founded by former banking executives with experience in delivering all aspects of small business lending, our team at Clarifi is poised to help companies get the capital they need for their ventures.

We understand your needs and can provide you with services that go beyond what traditional banks could provide. Whether you need an equipment loan, line of credit or working capital, we have you covered.