Meeting the Small Business Working Capital Needs Amidst Supply Chain Challenges

In today’s world, small businesses have a wealth of opportunities. Due to this, interruptions in the supply chain can be costly and hinder your small company from reaching its full growth potential.

Adequately financing your company will help it survive and thrive in the face of market disruptions. There are several things you’ll need to fund, including more inventory purchases, bridging current payables with long-term receivables, duration of raw material conversion to finished products for sale, transportation delays, and an extended inventory turnover ratio.

For many companies, immediate access to capital is critical. Clarifi is a platform that connects small business owners with non-bank lenders and fintech, who can provide funding in as short as 24 hours.

Build Your Future With a Small Business Loan

Small business loans from Clarifi can cover all aspects of your business. Meet your business objectives with flexible financing choices that aren’t available anyplace else. We work quickly and closely with you to develop solutions and keep your company moving forward.

Small Business Loans Explained

Small business loans are a broad term that refers to various loans and funding instruments that a lender can offer to a small business. There’s a small business loan for just about anything your company requires. Here are some loans that can help your working capital needs:

  • Business line of credit: A set amount of cash that you can borrow when you need it and then repay afterward. You can utilize the money as required for business expenditures such as inventory, consumables, or operating costs.
  • SBA loans: To help entrepreneurs maintain low monthly payments while growing their business, the SBA offers loans with lower interest rates and more extended periods that are backed by the federal government.
  • SBA PPP loan and SBA EIDL: SBA disaster assistance provides federally backed working capital support to firms affected by COVID-19 through the CARES act.
  • Accounts receivable financing: Working capital can be obtained by borrowing against unpaid invoices.
  • Startup loan: This is personal credit-based financing to aid in business expansion.
  • Short-term loan: Swift access to capital when you know the return will be quick.

Easy Ways to Get Your Small Business Capital

Clarifi’s application process is quick and straightforward if you need capital now.

  1. Complete our online application form. SSL technology and bank-grade encryption will ensure the security of your data.
  2. We match your needs with the best possible funding options from our vast network of lenders. Our knowledgeable account managers can assist you in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of various loan options.
  3. Your funding will be available in as little as 24 hours once you’ve been accepted.

When compared to a business credit card, a Clarifi small business loan is far more economical. Plus, our quick loan application process allows you to focus on managing your company and take control of supply chain management. Feel free to contact one of our Account Managers for assistance.

To learn more about our loans and financial products, get in touch with Clarifi today.